Jewellery workshops - learn to make your own jewellery!

Within Krowji creative space tenants are always moving around the site to different studios, within our shared area Kate decided she had enough of us jewellers with all our hammering, drilling and sawing and moved out. (No not really, she moved to a bigger studio with another textiles person Susan Willis of Bee-Usable)

Once I got the ok from Krowji admin that I could have the space I quickly started planning what I wanted in the space and how I wanted to arrange it! the first was to give it a fresh coat of white paint and get some blackboard spaces that I could put information on.

So I bought myself some power tools and put my plan into action, I wanted to build shelving on the side that would take my hydraulic press, tools and my soldering stations. I also wanted to build work stations for six.

So now I had my workshop all ready, I made a plan of websites and made a new page on my website so that people could book them.

I have run three workshops already and have lots more different ones planned for the future.

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