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Introducing Pete....

It's been a long time since I have added anything to the blog or updated the website but behind the scenes there have been a lot of changes. In 2021 the building where my making studio and workshops were based, burnt down. It took a long time to get a studio back at Krowji and by that time I had lost my mojo for making jewellery. During the time I had no studio I found a real passion for enamelling and did a lot of courses at the wonderful West Dean College (

My husband Pete has always helped me during busy times and could hammer, texture and solder along with the best of them. When I got a new studio Pete encouraged me to follow my new passion while continuing to build new skills in jewellery making. Pete has stopped working as a lecturer altogether and is now working full time creating the jewellery and being at events! Pete calls himself the silver jewellery technician as I still design all the jewellery coming up with new ideas to challenge his jewellery making skills. You will see Pete at any of the events we attend as well as in studio W11d in the 1907 building at Krowji (see opening times to see when he will be there)

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