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April Adventures

April started in #Lockdown so I used my time well, I caught up with all my Netflix boxsets (TigerKing was awesome). Once I had done that I started on using my time properly, I did my year's accounts, and started looking into webinars that I could do to help focus my business a bit more and motivate me as I was watching my years business plan fall to pieces, no markets, no fairs, no workshops! My friend and fellow #KrowjiArtist Naomi Singer (Fantastic glass artist, ) recommended The Design Trust (

Felling motivated and calmer, I decided to start looking at setting stones again. My stacking rings are among my most popular item and I had played around with the idea of adding stoned rings to the collection but never actually found the time to see which settings I preferred. The rest of April was spent playing with stone setting and buying stones from Hatton Garden's Ward Gemstones ( I now have a whole collection of pretty gemstones and designs.

April was also when I took the time to start looking at selling platforms and realised I needed to improve my website!

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